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The Forge

Transformation of the former Town of Western Volunteer Company building directly across the street from the General William Floyd House has stopped for the winter. Much has been accomplished this year. Two new entrances have been created with decorative early nineteenth century detailing, all new windows have been installed and siding that matches the General’s house has been applied. The building now has two new faux chimneys that will eventually vent the interior utilities. A stonemason handcrafted and installed two huge limestone entry stones for each entrance. Hand-made entry and post lights have been ordered and should be arriving any day.

Letter suggests blacksmith shop was the General’s
During the Bicentennial celebration in September, Jeannie Ledford, a Floyd descendant from Tennessee, presented us with a letter dated 1854, in which the General’s grandson was giving land across from the house for the construction of a schoolhouse. The contents of the letter described the survey lines referenced the General’s blacksmith shop as one of the landmarks. This is the first time we have been able to link the shop to the General.
Since the start of the renovation , we had been searching for short, simple, descriptive name for the General William Floyd Center. A friend of ours suggested we call the building “The Forge”. Although it is not official, this offering is sounding like a keeper.

General William Floyd House Signer of the Declaration of Independence
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