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Events at the General William Floyd House

We are continually being reminded of the wide variety of opportunities that life in an old historic house affords us. It seems that most of our “free time” is wrapped up in house or related activities. We love it that way and we know that we are lucky that we share this passion as a couple. Since we last updated this site, which was way too long ago and for that we apologize, we have been deeply immersed in these opportunities. Research is continuing and we have stumbled on correspondence between the General and Thomas Jefferson. We will make that available in a future Floyd Feature. Late last winter, we received an e-mail from a gentleman in Middletown, Conn. He had visited this web site and thought we would be interested in knowing that he had found the tombstone of the General’s first wife in an old cemetery in his city. As we were just walking out the door to visit our blacksmith in Woodbury, Conn., we decided to visit the gravesite on our way. Our adventure is now the subject of Floyd Feature. Restoration of the General’s drawing room is winding down after two years. It has proved to be a big challenge, but also has allowed us to re-connect with people of like minds and who share great restoration knowledge and skills. We share those experiences in the current Restoration.

The Bicentennial of the General William Floyd House is officially under way. The activities will span a two-year period and began this fall. Many things are happening in the name of the bicentennial, such the development of a logo, construction of an educational monument area that is accessible to the public, development of educational pamphlets, as well as celebratory events. More information about these events can be found in the Bicentennial section. The National Historic Landmark Stewards Association held their annual meeting at Oak Hill, James Monroe’s estate near Leesburg, VA. This group continues to explore ways that stewards of National Historic Landmarks can communicate and aid one another and how it can help the National Park Service and the Department of the Interior better administrate the Landmark program. More about the NHLSA and the annual meeting can be found in the NHL section.

One of the most exciting things that is currently happening is the development of the General William Floyd Center across the street from the house. The building was the former site of the first Volunteer Fire Company of the Town of Western and earlier than that, the General’s blacksmith shop was located on this piece of property. It is currently being remolded to take on the appearance of an early eighteenth century building and will house exhibits and the collection of the General William Floyd House. Much more information and pictures of the remodeling can be found in the General William Floyd Center section.


General William Floyd House Signer of the Declaration of Independence
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