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General William Floyd was the father of five children, Nicoll ( 1762-1852 ), Mary (1764-1805 ) and Catherine ( 1767-1832 ) with his first wife, Hannah Jones and Ann (1784-1859 ) and Elizabeth ( 1789-1820 ) with his second wife, Joanna Strong. In 1816, the General wrote his son, Nicoll, requesting that he come to Western to take over his farm and land holdings. Nicoll was at the height of his career, both in politics and in farming. He declined the request. The General then wrote Nicoll's son, William, requesting that he come to Western to run the estate - at least until Nicoll changed his mind. The General promised William that when Nicoll did come to Western, he (William) would be given the estate on Long Island. Nicoll never came. William would live out his life in Western, marrying twice. It is truly remarkable how many descendants from this line of the General have resided and still reside in the locale of Westernville, N.Y. A listing is provided here: [ Note: the listing shows the direct local line and does not include all siblings]



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