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General William Floyd House Logo Unveiled
As of July 4, 2003, the General William Floyd House has an official logo. We developed a number of different possibilities, which incorporated various elements that were significant to either the General or his Westernville home. In the end, however, it was the ink well and quill that we felt best represented the reason why General William Floyd will be remembered in American history.

Bicentennial Events
The Bicentennial of the General William Floyd House informally began with a Floyd descendant photo in front of the house, followed by group tours. Some of the younger descendents had never been through their forefather’s house and some out-of-town descendents were also making their first visit.

New Monuments and Plaques
In 1925, the General William Floyd Chapter of the DAR presented a brass plaque and monument to the owners of the house. The monument stood relatively obscurely behind the fence. The plaque became difficult to read from a distance. In 1971, the house was designated a National Historic Landmark by the Department of the Interior. A brass plaque commemorating that designation was presented and affixed to the right side of the front door. In honoring the house on it’s Bicentennial, we decided to create a monument area where new plaques, added to the DAR marker, would be more visible to the public and contain more information. The fence was routed behind the existing monument and two new limestone monuments have been placed. A gate offers visitors access to the monument area so that the plaques may be more easily read.

Bicentennial Reception
Under the protection of a large tent on the front lawn of the General William Floyd House, approximately 200 guests gathered to listen to dignitaries and descendents as they honored the 200th anniversary of the General’s home. Descendants wore distinctive red, white and blue lapel pins. The colors were presented by members of the Fort Stanwix staff and volunteers. They later entertained the guests with a number of fife and drum melodies, after which a formal toast, using wine made at the General William Floyd House, was given. A reception was held in another tent behind the house and throughout the evening, guests could explore the candle-lit interior of the General’s home.

National Park Service Portrait Goes on the Road
During the Bicentennial Reception ceremonies, Steve Czarnecki, representing the William Floyd Estate on Long Island, presented an oil portray of the General. The painting is a copy of the Ralph Earl painting done in 1793. It is part of the archives of the William Floyd Estate and is on loan to the General William Floyd House from the National Park Service for one year. Recently the painting and some interpretive signage was presented to the Western Town Library, located across the street form the General William Floyd House. There it will be on display for the next three to four months. An interpretive program on the portrait will be given by Jackie and I in the spring.

Bicentennial 2004
This year we are planning to develop an informational brochure for the house. It, no doubt will be a simple prototype that will evolve into something more comprehensive later.
The General William Floyd Center will open, featuring some preliminary exhibits and a presentation of what will follow.
The plaques and monuments will be completed in front of the house and commemorated by a formal dedication.
There will also be a trip planned to the William Floyd Estate on Long Island


General William Floyd House Signer of the Declaration of Independence
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